I like to dabble in a little of everything. I took as many arts as possible in high school, fine art, dark room photography, drama, fashion, whatever was offered except music regretfully, even though I can pick music up by ear and got A's in music in public school. It doesn't mean I'm not fond of music, but I had different priorities when I was younger. My first love has always been cartoons at a very young age and I was always creatively inclined. I chose to take a Fine Art major in college because art is the only thing I truly enjoyed doing. I took many courses, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and even managed to take a general education course in digital photography. I must admit my greatest weakness of all those courses is sculpture. I see things more in 2-D format and have difficulty constructing, carving or molding things. It does not mean I'm a lesser artist because of it, it merely means I have to work harder at that form of art and I admire those who can easily create that way. I think drawing has always been my forte and painting is probably second. Some have told me I should be a photographer as well because I have an eye for that, as do many artists. Here I have a variety of different works I've done. Paintings, drawings, photography, even wood block prints. I have a few caricatures as well as random art I've done involving Tom Boy Tara. I hope you enjoy my many styles and mediums I like to work in.



Emily Ragozzino

(Creator of Tom Boy Tara)