Commissions and Pricing System

A donation of 10 dollars or more will get you an original hand drawn picture by me for you to put on your wall or do whatever you like with. Not only is this excellent practice for me, but you get an original picture (that may be worth more than $10  some day…who knows) and a scanned copy of your picture will be featured in my portfolio section of my website.

So here's the deal:

$10 will get you a black and white drawing of your favorite character in Tom Boy Tara: Tara, Tobey, Deena, Jade, Eddie, Charlie or Jack.

$12 will get you 2 characters of your choice in blk and wht.

$15 will get you the whole cast in blk and wht.If you want colour of these it may be a couple of dollars more than their original price.

$20 will get you a caricature of yourself in blk and wht but a picture of yourself must be provided as well.

$25 will get you a full colour caricature and again you must provide a picture.

If you want something else special done we can discuss the pricing system there too, if you'd like a few pictures done to even give away as a gift, that's also an excellent option.

If you're asking for work online please send me your information by e-mail through my contacts page. Please include: Name, address, e-mail, phone # (in case) and payment method. If you're in an out of reach area where shipping and handling costs may apply we will discuss those fees before I send the finished product.  

Please fill out the instructions below in an e-mail so I can keep track of all the work I am doing for everyone. I will try to work fast to get you your piece, but if there's a lot of work to be done and you want a good job of it don't expect results the next day please. Thanks so much for donating!

Also, anyone who donates to my website or asks for a commission done is supporting my site and any other expenses I have to cover for the web comic. So as a thank-you for helping me out your name will be put on the Thank-You Page for my site. Be sure to include your first and last name when donating and you too can see your name posted soon! Thanks for all the support!

Fill out the following and email to:




E-mail Address:

Phone # (Just in case):

Amount Given:

Payment Method:

What character you want:


Details about what you want your caricture to look like: (Please provide a picture for caricture)