BIOGRAPHY: Emily Ragozzino has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil. By the age of eight she was doing her own sequential art influenced by the comics in the Saturday Star Newspaper. She was also heavily influenced by cartoons of the 80’s and 90’s. In high school Emily took every art course offered: Fine arts, drama, photography, fashion were just some of the courses she dabbled in. She also enjoyed English class, mainly writing her own fiction. She also wrote plays and short stories in her room for fun. She eventually came up with a comic called “Pish Posh” when she was 17 which included many characters and was based in a fictional high school not too unlike her own. She took 3 years of Fine Arts advanced in college and graduated in August 2005. She then moved to Toronto and began attending comic conventions. The first was the Paradise Comicon 2007 and went again in 2008. She specialized in drawing comic books about female outcasts creating a trilogy entitled, “Dork Girl” and another book based off of a short story she wrote in high school called “Why I Hate Cheerleaders”. All fictional of course, she doesn’t really hate cheerleaders, that much. “Tom Boy Tara” was meant to be a small project she was thinking of working on temporarily but it grew on her, being a tomboy herself she enjoyed writing and drawing it. Now it’s been an on-going project and she hopes it will carry on for a while.

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