To say the comic is mainly about a tomboy named Tara is merely scratching the surface of the comic, but seeing as this is just a quick summary, I’m going to scratch the surface anyways. For those readers that are new to the comic let me give you a brief run down:

Tara is an Advertising student going to Westin College, her best friend is Tobey whom has known her since high school. Tara has a roommate which she despises named Deena or “Ditzy Deena” as she is often referred to secretively by Tara and Tobey. Deena is the exact opposite of Tara; she is a girly girl, which makes for an interesting contrast when they live together. It is based in a co-ed college residence and you rarely see them going to school, it’s mainly about their social life after class.

The main idea of the comic is to show the battle of the genders and it mocks stereotypes throughout. It is a simple topic but is open to so many possibilities. I hope you enjoy reading it!