Feb 26, 2009

Welcome to Tom Boy Tara Comics!








Tom Boy Tara usually updates Wednesdays. To enjoy the comics just click the “Comics” button above! If you’d like to get regular updates on when a comic is posted either join the Facebook group or Twitter group via the links below. If you’d like to get regular reminders that the comic is posted as well as super cool stuff like contest details and new merchandise or even updates when merch goes on sale join the Mail Chimp mailing group.

Also, feel free to explore the rest of the site.

• Check out the "Products" to see t-shirts, books and random other items with your favorite characters on them. 
• The “Other Comics” button directs you to other comics produced by the same creator that did Tom Boy Tara.
• Fun Stuff/Misc is all about the cool other random things like paper doll cut-outs you can print out, colour and dress at home as well as awesome quizzes, etc.
• I think all the other links are pretty self explanatory.

Hope you enjoy the comic and all the other fun things this site brings!